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Unlock Your Phones with Your Fingerprint and Camera

With security and privacy being an important issue these days, it’s no surprise that many users have taken to locking their phones using passwords or patterns. Most phones today come equipped with fingerprint recognition technology allowing users to simply swipe their finger on a sensor to unlock their phone. This advanced security lock screen technology makes sure that only the real owner can truly access the phone. For users whose phones do not have with this technology, however, there is the ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner. This security app uses the phone’s rear camera to set up a user’s fingerprint to unlock a phone.

Uses and Benefits

As mentioned above, the ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner uses a camera to detect and recognize a user’s fingerprints. It differs from standard fingerprint recognition technology as it is completely touchless. According to the developers of the ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner, touch-based sensors are less accurate and more prone to wear and tear, as well as distorting fingerprints due to pressure. Since the  ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner is touchless, these problems are not as noticeable or don’t plague the app at all.

How to Use

To use ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner, you need to enroll your fingerprint to the app's system. To do so, you need to capture an image of your fingerprint using your phone's camera. In the app, select Enroll Fingerprint to open your camera. Then you need to scan your fingerprint to get an image. Developers recommend scanning several times to get an accurate image. 

Potential Flaws

ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner has a great concept, but it can be bogged down by technical difficulties. For example, getting the camera to scan and register your fingerprint can be a real struggle. If you happen to be in a place with limited lighting, it's very likely that the app won't immediately scan your fingerprint. This problem can also be encountered when trying to unlock the phone using the app, which can be a massive problem if you're in a rush to open the app. Having to hold your fingers against the camera is also a far less efficient method than just swiping your finger against a sensor. 

Final Thoughts

Despite its flaws, it's still a worthwhile security tool to try out. For phones who don't support fingerprint recognition technology, this is the only option available if they want to lock their phones with their fingerprints. In theory, it is very easy to use and set-up. So, if you can get past the technical difficulties, then ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner is worth checking out


  • Touchless
  • Secure
  • Set-up process is simple
  • Easy to install


  • Scanning is complicated
  • Detection is difficult

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